Buying a Secondhand Trail Bike

If you are new to the great thrill of trail biking and wish to purchase your own bike, a brand new one may be out of your financial reach. The answer to this is to buy a secondhand one, but there are some questions you need to ask first before handing over your cash.

Proof of Ownership

You may have found an unregistered trail bike which seems suspiciously cheap, so you firstly need to see proof of ownership. If there is any indication that it may have been stolen, then walk away. The last thing you need is the police knocking on your door!

The Condition of the Bike

You can be sure that a private seller will always describe their bike as being in good condition. Unfortunately, this has to be taken as a matter of trust. Yes, you will be able to see any knocks and scratches. Still, there may be some necessary repairs required which aren’t immediately visible. If entering races is your ultimate goal, you need a reliable bike.

Know the Market Value

Research is absolutely vital even before actually taking a look at the for sale advertisements. Not knowing the market value of the bike you are interested in could result in you being left out of pocket. Check the Red Book, a popular publication on the current values of all bikes.

Take it for a Test Run

This is an absolute must; it would be foolish to purchase a secondhand trail bike without trying it out first. The most obvious thing to look out for is the engine condition and performance. Even just starting it up will give you an idea of what to expect.

So, if buying a secondhand trail bike is on your list of things to do, check out the advertisements from private sellers, consider our advice, and set off on your exciting mission!