Motor heads motocross paradise in Michigan

Red Bud MX is located in Michigan in the US and Buchanan is the place to be for all motor action thrill seekers. The track itself is set at the outskirts of the town in a predominantly agricultural and relatively rural setting. This track is deemed one of the largest of its kind in the Midwest region and is a favourite among many of the pro-league riders. Red Bud MX incorporates three varying tracks which cater to motocross at a professional level, kids and the night track, which is used primarily for the Nationals held on the 4th of July each year.

Red Bud takes shape

In 1972, Gene and Nancy Ritchie, in collaboration with the Patterson and Miller families, bought the property with a vision in mind that they intended to make a reality. Gene Ritchie who hails from Pennsylvania, had spotted the land and seen the potential therein during a prior trip to Buchanan. The track began to take shape shortly thereafter and they have never looked back since. The name given to the track was Red Bud which refers to several things in Buchanan. A perfect name for a heaven on earth created for motocross enthusiasts in Michigan and the USA.

Racing the tracks through history

Red Bud witnessed the first competitive racing on its soil in 1973. In 1974 the first AMA National race took place, which was the first of many. Mike Hartwig carved his name in history taking the first win. Red Bud isn’t just for the men in the game, 2010 saw the first women’s race at the highest level. It remains engrained in the lifestyle and culture of the region. If you like football, we recommend you this article about betting on euro football.

The jump of all jump

LaRocco’s Leap is a jump which is known as the tallest of its kind throughout the MX circuit. It stands at a daunting 37 m. Construction of the jump took place in 1991. Mike LaRocco was the rider who provided the catalyst for the creation of the jump and he too has etched his name in the pages of history as the first man to make the jump successfully. Over the years the track has been through countless remodelling projects, however, a jump of such notoriety has earned its rightful place. Even so, LaRocco’s Leap remains as it was from the beginning.

Fourth of July festivities

The 4th of July is a day in American history to be celebrated and what better way is there than getting revved up at one of the most prolific motocross races in the country? The Lucas Oil Motocross Championships are a drawcard to the venue that enthusiasts just can’t ignore. The excitement, the tension, the dirt and the roar of the motors is an experience like no other. During the event attendees are permitted to camp at the tracks. There are a variety of areas specifically set up for that very reason and can accommodate tents, RV’s and campervans so there is no excuse not to be where the action is. In fact, there isn’t any need to leave the premises at all for the entire weekend with concession and food stands providing for your every need.

Whether there are Nationals underway the 4th of July, it really doesn’t matter. Race weekends are held throughout the year bringing the action closer to the people.